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E-Waste Handling

E-waste is a waste stream that is becoming a bigger issue for today’s landfills. Components in your e waste are hazardous to the environment and have the potential to contaminate local landfills.

Hazardous components are:

  • Lead (used in the soldering process)
  • Mercury (used in switches)
  • Silver (used in circuit boards)
  • cadmium

These components, if shipped by themselves would be considered RCRA hazardous for all commercial industries and regulated by the Federal Government to make sure they are properly handled and disposed of.

Beartooth Environmental, Inc. offers our customers a safe and green means of getting rid of these waste streams. We use only top rated, licensed and permitted recyclers to manage our e-waste streams. All sites have been audited for compliance prior to receiving any Beartooth wastes by actual Beartooth personnel.  Other non-hazardous components are also recyclable which include glass and plastic.  These items can be made into other products.  Beartooth can provide Gaylord boxes (3’x3’x3′) for customers generating larger volumes of this class of waste.  This waste can be picked up on our monthly milk runs coming through your area. This is a turn key service, we will provide all the proper DOT shipping documents so when the driver arrives at your site, you just load the waste.

Documents of the shipment will be returned to the customer once delivered and signed off by the recycler .  Other document include the Certificate of recycler for your records.


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