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Lab Packing

Beartooth Environmental, Inc.  lab packaging service covers all industries: Laboratories, Schools, manufactures, and warehouses.  These chemicals take up space and pose safety risks and liability for your company.  Our lab packaging professionals can help you clean out your used, unused, outdated, and unknown chemicals.   With our wealth of knowledge in the chemistry industry and our attention to detail, we can insure safety and compliance in disposing of your wastes.

Beartooth offers full lab packaging service.  Our field technicians can handle this full turn key if requested by the customer.

  • Inventorying chemicals for disposal
  • Sorting
  • Consolidating
  • Identifying unknown chemicals
  • DOT and RCRA classifying
  • Packaging per DOT requirements
  • Transporting
  • Disposal

Our field chemist have over 20 years in the chemistry industry and are Hazwoper certified to handle the job safely and efficiently.  Our field technitions will package all your waste per reactivativity class and insure the waste are in DOT certified shipping containers, properly labeled and mark the material for transport.  Once Packaged, we will schedule the waste for picckup on one of our trucks servicing your area.  The driver will have on board all the proper shipping documents to transport the waste to the disposal site (TSDF) that is permitted to handle the specific waste .  Once the wastes is delivered to the TSDF the return signed off manifest will be return to the generator within the 30 days time frame required by the federal government.  In addition to the paper work return process, a certificate of disposal will be supplied back to the customer for their records and ensure the waste was properly handled.


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